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Kennels, Cattery & Grooming

Kind Care Terms and Conditions


  • Pets must be over 6 months (24 weeks) old and under 14 years

Vaccination Status

  • Dogs must  vaccinated with both a routine vaccination course and kennel cough
  • Cats must be vaccinated against 'flu and enteritis
  • All vaccination courses must be completed at least 3 weeks prior to boarding
  • Vaccination certificates to be produced upon arrival


  • Microchip number to be produced upon arrival

Worm and Flea Treatment

  • Details of any worm or flea treatment given in the past 3 months to be disclosed

General Health / Medications

  • Details of any relevant previous or current health problems or medications to be disclosed
  • We will administer any prescription or non-prescription medication
  • Please only consider boarding a diabetic pet if it is likely to eat normally

Insurance Cover

  • Pets are insured for veterinary fees up to £1500
  • Pre-existing conditions are not covered
  • Diabetic pets or those with Cushings Syndrome are not covered for veterinary fees


  • Pets must be fit, in sound condition and free from vice
  • Pets with signs of possible infectious disease will be refused entry


  • Any problem with temperament to be disclosed


  • We attempt to feed all boarders their normal diet
  • If it is not a product we normally stock we request that you bring in your own food (there are so many brands available now that we cannot possibly stock all of them). We do not discount the boarding fee if own food is brought in
  • Special feeding regimes are fully catered for as long as we have written instructions
  • Refrigeration and freezing facilities are available
  • Please only bring in treats your pet is used to


  • Plastic beds are provided along with fleecy veterinary bedding
  • Owners' own bedding or a familiar item to help settling can be brought in
  • Any items are left at own risk


  • Toys to help settling or provide activity can be brought in

Peak periods

  • Plenty of notice is required for peak periods (generally summer holidays, Bank Holidays and school holidays)
  • During busy periods all dates booked must be paid for


  • Cash or credit / debit card
  • All fees payable before collection